First preclinical study underway for PharmaCyte's encapsulated Melligen cells for diabetes

The first preclinical evaluation of PharmaCyte Biotech's proprietaryMelligen cell line for the treatment of diabetes has commenced at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria. This study is the first of a number of preclinical studies that will be conducted to test the safety, efficacy and dosing of Melligen cells, a human cell line engineered to produce and store insulin and secrete it at levels in proportion to the levels of glucose in the human body.

The insulin-producing Melligen cell line, which will be encapsulated using the Cell-in-a-Box technology, was developed by PharmaCyte's international Diabetes Consortium partner at the University of Technology Sydney. The University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna group and Austrianova are also members of PharmaCyte's international Diabetes Consortium. Austrianova has previously encapsulated Melligen cells and has successfully performed preliminary in vitro analyses of them (PharmaCyte Biotech News Release).