The influential role of emotion in behavior is well documented. 

The influential role of emotion in behavior is well documented. Studies show that positive emotions toward a product, idea or person have far greater influence on loyalty than trust.  Emotionally charged events are remembered better than others, and positive emotions increase the amount of detail recall.  fMRI neuro-imagery shows that when evaluating ideas, brands or even people, individuals primarily use emotions (personal feelings and experiences) rather than information (attributes, features, and acts). Advertising research reveals that emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on a consumer’s reported intent to buy a product than does the ad’s content – by a factor of 3-to-1 for television commercials and 2-to-1 for print ads. Research conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation concluded that the emotion of “likeability” is the measure most predictive of whether an advertisement will increase a brand’s sales.

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