We find the emotion, quantify it and build predictive models
that enable better decisions.


Our clients leverage our capabilities to understand the emotional engagement their audience has with products, ideas or even other people.  Our staff consists of data collectors, data miners and meaning makers. We collect the data we need through sensors in primary research, client repositories and even third-party APIs. 

Most emotion identification and quantification is based on simple HD video collection and the use of manual facial coding is applied. We are the only commercial entity that follows the academic standards of facial coding and provides full transparency behind our approach in the field of measuring emotional engagement.  

Our models have been able to predict purchase behavior and influencers within large markets at accuracy >92%.  We have built algorithms that have been able to determine if patients are performing exercises correctly based on sensor data alone (think FitBit).

Our data products help clients to visualize their essential metrics and tell a story with them to create better engagement internally.