Finding the Signal in the Noise

Automated Facial Coding can provide instant and continuous emotion data, but it is often contaminated by falsified emotion and noise.  

Our algorithms and approaches can reveal the subconscious emotion, highlighting the genuine emotion associated with the stimuli or area of interest that you care about.

Emotional Engagement Relationships

Participants were exposed to different target product profiles (TPPs) and concepts to create a more real world exposure.  Eye Tracking was utilized to isolate specific language and data.  The data below is from 67 participants in 5 countries.

Data: Emotion_Linkage • Chart ID: PFE014012

Social Analytics and Planning

The chart below evaluates three different search terms in social media and then predicts their Share of Voice and Mentions over time.  2014 data is projected based on Q2 results.

Data: WordChoice_Oncology • Chart ID: EMO014006D